b. 1992

Yulia recently finished her MA in Fine Art at the Royal college of Art. Her paintings explore the uneven terrain of memory and imagination. They are playful and confrontational at the same time. Her work allows you to escape to another world while reminding you of the context and relation to the world we live in. Yulia often paints on transparent fabric, allowing you to see through the canvas, adding to this dreamlike quality in her work.



Yulia Iosilzon draws on fragmentary narratives, persistent duality between text and subtext, clarity and opaqueness, rendered through form in the use of transparent fabric.

Yulia’s work is born from an inherent interest in the narrative - of stories anecdotally told and retold, fables proliferated and propaganda through word of mouth and fairy tales passed down from generation to generation.

It is snippets and snapshots of these histories that are captured and immortalised in her paintings, removed from their original context and often reduced to, or solely recognisable by, their base emblems or characters.


Purple Fly

Oil paint, silk-screen printing on transparent fabric



Oil on transparent fabric


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