b. 1990

Tessa Silva is a British-Brazilian artist based in London, graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2016. Her research based practice straddles the fields of craft, design, science, archeology, and mythology. She is interested in how society is shaped by the materials that we use, and what these can tell us about human behaviours. With a focus on material research and exploration, her work prompts the inspection of our material culture, throughout the past, present, and into the future.


The results are sculptural objects whose form and narrative are championed over function, with each piece representing the social and historical significance of the material used. Her intention is to challenge the apathetic engagement with objects that has been generated over the past century. Tessa’s craft reforms ancient techniques in order to produce contemporary artefacts.


The Chalk & Cheese project is as a comprehensive study into the use of milk proteins as a material for the handcrafted production of fine objects and sculptures.

A limited supply of surplus milk is sourced from a small organic farm in Sussex, who reject the factory model of farming. Milk and milk products have helped shaped cultures and civilisation as we know it; some of the earliest human artefacts contain residues of cow’s milk.

This material is immersed in a rich history, and each artwork is symbolic of our once nurturing relationship to milk, unavoidably highlighting the horrors of today’s farming industry.

Studio Portrait_02.jpg
Proto Chub Vase I_03.jpg
Proto Chub Vase I_02.jpg
Proto Chub Vase I_01.jpg

Proto Chub Vase I

Milk and chalk 

28cm height 

Proto Chub Vase III_03.jpg
Proto Chub Vase III_02.jpg
Proto Chub Vase III_01.jpg

Proto Chub Vase III

Milk and Chalk

36 cm height

Proto Chub Vase IV_03.jpg
Proto Chub Vase IV_01.jpg
Proto Chub Vase IV_02.jpg

Proto Chub Vase IV

Milk and chalk

27cm height 

Proto Chub Vase V_01.jpg
Proto Chub Vase V_03.jpg
Proto Chub Vase V_04.JPG.jpg

Proto Chub Vase V

Milk and chalk 

31cm height

Proto Chub Vase VI_02.jpg
Proto Chub Vase VI_01.jpg
Proto Chub Vase VI_04.JPG.jpg

Proto Chub Vase VI

Milk and chalk

25 cm height