Roseanne Connolly

b. 1991

Roseanne Connolly is an artist working with ceramic and bronze. Her work is inspired by museum displays, the Wunderkammer and ornithology. She aims to create a spatial narrative with her work, much as objects within museum displays do. The particular placement of one piece next to another can change the way we view it, creating a discussion between them. 

Birds have long been a fascination for Roseanne, partly due to their luxurious feathers, prehistoric beaks and fierce talons, but also because of their otherworldly impossibility; they represent flight, freedom and an exotic sense of otherness. She loves the challenge of recreating the weightless feathers of a bird in an undeniably heavy material like clay, shaping and carving them bit-by-bit to reveal the form. The bright pops of colour found in nature play a large part in both her life and her work. They take centre stage in bold, coloured clay sculptures, with wings and beaks accented by glaze. 

Working across two different materials, Roseanne explores the distinct qualities of each and how best to apply them to making her work: she creates bizarre talons cast in bronze; and feathery textures delicately carved into clay sculptures, cups and vases. Though both processes begin in the same place, sculpting by hand in either wax or clay, offers very different results and brings her ideas to life.

 Since graduating with an MA in Ceramics at The Royal College of Art, Rosie has set up a studio in South East London, where she continues to develop her practice. 

Parakeets Self Portrait.jpg
London Parakeets_Coloured Stoneware and glaze_£850 for pair.jpg

London Parakeets 

Coloured Stoneware clay

27 x 14 x 6 cm

32 x 26 x 6 cm

One For Sorrow_Coloured Stoneware Clay and Glaze_£850 for pair.jpg

One For Sorrow

Coloured Stoneware clay

32 x 11 x 6 cm

32 x 23 x 8cm

Talons_Bronze_each talon measures 43x16x6cm_£1600_edited.png



Each talon measures 43 x 16 x 6cm




19 x 8 x 4cm