'Chub Candlestick L I'
  • 'Chub Candlestick L I'

    Milk and Chalk 

    21cm x 11cm


    This collection of candlesticks are the result of an investigation into the use of milk proteins as a natural material. A limited supply of surplus milk is sourced from a small organic farm in Sussex, who reject the factory model of farming.


    Milk and milk products have helped shape cultures and civilization as we know it, with some of the earliest human artifacts including vessels containing residues of cow’s milk. This material is immersed in a rich history, and each artwork is symbolic of our once nurturing relationship to milk, unavoidably highlighting the horrors of today’s farming industry. By reinventing century-old processes, the new material manifests itself as fine objects.


    Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. The objects are fitted with a brass candle cup.