B. 1989

Glasgow artist Kirsty Lackie explores ideas of existential evanescence in her work. She uses poetry, theatre and film to parse upon the quotidian and conjugate a sense of performance, often with surreal interactions.


Her recent work depicts dream-like scenes shot with a sense of otherness and humour. Her degree in psychology (2011) from the University of Glasgow went some way to helping her understand the mechanics of a mind, and through her degree in Communication Design from the Glasgow School of Art (2018) she’s finding a mode of articulation and expression for these thoughts and observations.


Her work often juxtaposes the inviolability of everyday objects, the awkwardness in their minutiae and  the fearful temporality of existence.  But she isn’t morose or downbeat about any of this, instead she likes to set it free with humour and the absurd. 


Over Shadowed and Under the Influence

Oil pastel and pencil on paper

42 x 30.3 cm


Oil pastel and pencil on paper

21 x 21.5 cm 

Wild Strawberries

Acrylic on canvas

50 x 40cm 

VIP Lounge

Oil pastel and pencil on paper

30 x 21  cm 

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