b. 1991

Katy Papineau is a figurative painter and art tutor who lives and works in London. Katy filters her observations of the world through her imagination, to result in a personal and embellished depiction of ordinary life. She is concerned with themes of intimacy, connection, and decoration. She works with paint that she hand mixes from dry pigment, building up areas of colour and pattern to result in a richly textured surface.


In 2019, Katy completed The Drawing Year, a postgraduate-level course at The Royal Drawing School. Since graduating she has taken part in several group shows, sold her work with Liberty London, presented for Tate, appeared on Portrait Artist of The Year, and worked on regular commissions for private clients. She also teaches on the Young Artists Programme at The Royal Drawing School.


Hay Fever

Handmade on watercolour paper

20cm (max) x 27.5cm (max)


Handmade watercolour on paper
28cm x 19.5cm


Close Up

Handmade watercolour & pencil on paper

19.5cm x 8cm

After Vuillard I

Handmade watercolour & crayon on paper

Drawing size 26 cm x 35 cm 

Paper size 29 x 42cm

Early World


Handmade watercolour on paper

36cm x 25.5cm

After Vuillard II

Handmade watercolour on paper
25cm x 27cm