b. 1995

Hannah Tilson (b.1995) graduated with a Bachelors from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2018, studied on exchange at the New York Studio School and recently graduated from the Royal Drawing School in London. Tilson was recently long listed for the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize.

Tilson is interested in pattern, colour and entanglement. Painting self-portraits made with home-made paint, placing herself in a vibrating space filled with patterns. It is important for Tilson to make her own paint, the colours feel raw and pure and she is able to control the translucency and opacity of it while keeping the intensity of colour. Viewing her body and the pattern she is encompassed in as a landscape/‘pattern-scape’, the figure is ambiguous but there is something left for you to hold onto. Tilson wants viewers to question what they see and live in this fast moving, turbulent space.

⁠The portrait was taken by Angus Grant. © 2019.

Hannah Tilson Portrait, copyright Angus