b. 1995

Hannah Tilson graduated with a Bachelors in Painting from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2018, studied on exchange at the New York Studio School and is currently on a scholarship programme at the Royal Drawing School in London.


Tilson’s work is a colourful range of mix-media, where she overloads the viewer with information through the clashing of patterns and forms. The exploratory feel from her work derives from creative play and artistic discovery, resulting in work that unapologetically pops. Layers are an important part of Tilson’s work, through the build up of painted or drawn layers, the pieces act like play sets, allowing open spaces between the glass and background to conceal and reveal parts of the image. She is currently working on a series of intimate self-portraits made with bright colours and vivid patterns, elevating ordinary objects and placing herself in a vibrating space filled with pattern.

⁠The portrait was taken by Angus Grant. © 2019.

Hannah Tilson Portrait, copyright Angus

Glamorous Approach Collage

Acrylic on transluscent material

212 x 152cm


Acrylic on muslin

89.5 x 65cm


Acrylic on translucent material

160 x 170cm


Embroidery and plastic beads

65 x 50cm