b. 1989

Ewelina’s work explores the female form finding that line between figurative and abstraction. She uses a variety of techniques to make her work, each showing a new interpretation of the female body and how it is perceived.

Ewelina is currently based in Tokyo which has had a strong influence on her work both through her ‘Shaving Girl’ series of blue and white ceramics and her ‘Ikebana’ series of prints. Ewelina’s work also lends itself beautifully to fabric design and large wall murals.


Artist Statement

Visual artist and printmaker (b. 1980  in Poland, currently lives and works in Tokyo). After having an accomplished career in advertising, Ewelina decided to fully dedicate herself to art in 2013. She retrained and studied visual arts at University of the Arts London where she graduated with distinction in 2015.

Female body is at the forefront of my prints and ceramic sculptures. I move away from showing it as a finite whole, instead expressing it through a sense of space and fluidity, producing a distinctive vision of feminine physicality. Through exploration of the fundamentals of colour, form, lines and negative space I want to focus on ephemeral and unspoken aspects, using a combination of different printing techniques to produce a unique and powerful contrast in doing so. By exploring the interplay between nudity and carnality, I want to create images on the edge of figurative and abstract.

I use mostly screen printing as a medium or intaglio. I am fascinated about printmaking and ways of pushing its boundaries, wondering how the process of mark making together with all limitations can influence the art work and at the end tell the story. With strong design and illustration background my art practice focused on a sense of colour play and form, exploring line between the abstract and the figurative. I am inspired by everyday human experiences and the fluidity and movement of the human body.

Since I moved to Japan I start working with clay. For me this process reminds me of printmaking, labor intensive practice when every move is a decision connected with feelings of uncertainty, as until the end we are not sure about the outcome. However experience of working with clay as a natural material, as well as the idea of transformation that happens in the environment of kiln, stays for me in the close relation with thoughts, sensations, words, facts, objects - a physical representation of the world.

Ewelina's work has been exhibited in Poland, London, Ireland, USA, Canada and Tokyo. In 2017 she got awarded with Print Prize by ST Bridge Foundation, her prints are in the collection of VA Museum London, she was shortlisted for RA Summer Show 2017, and for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2018.

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