b. 1993

Evie was based in Manchester and has recently moved to London. In November 2020 she will begin her residency at The Sarabande Foundation which is a charitable arts trust setup by the late Lee Alexander McQueen.


Her work explores lots of personal narratives of her own identity done through intimate portraits of her friends and family. The honest, sensitive and at times revealing nature of her work presents an familiar connection.

Evie O’Connor graduated from London College of Fashion in2015 with a BA in Fashion Textiles and recently completed her Masters in Painting at Glasgow School of Art.

O’Connor’s textiles background has heavily informed the stylistic and decorative qualities found in her work. She imagines both a beautiful and droll environment, always referencing her upbringing in the rural North of England whilst exploring the familiar domestic environments and figures she grew up surrounded by, believing value can be found in the exploration and unveiling of this personal experience.

Her practice focuses on themes of isolation, class and identity with portraiture at the forefront of her painting. For her, the study of people is an important and highly precious form of documentation, choosing to paint those closest to her. The mood is intimate, private, relaxed and often a little surreal with a delicate balance between the stifling banal and an unfamiliar exoticism. A strange naivety lingers in her style of painting, subtly referencing the outsider and self taught artists she so highly resonates with.

Her work can be crass and political at times, vulgar statements surround crude portraits of party leaders painted on large wooden drawers or ashtrays, surrounded by symbols of privilege and wealth. Her love of folk art can be seen in the collection of objects used as surface for the paint.Plates and vases are adorned with scenes and symbols in bold, evocative colours, creating specific decorative objects usually found in the home.

The New Jewess.jpg

The New Jewess

Oil on wood panel

41 x 39cm

Liv holding breast.jpg

Liv Holding Breast

Oil on wood panel

77 x 46cm

The Villa, poolside.JPG

The Villa, Poolside

Oil on wood panel

34.7 x 34.7cm

Fuchsia is the colour of austerity.jpg

Fuchsia is the Colour of Austerity

Acrylic and oil on wood panel

57 x 49cm

Liv in sheer dress (small).jpg

Liv in a Sheer Dress

Oil on wood panel

80.5 x 42cm

jack in the kitchen 1.JPG

Jack in the Kitchen


Oil on wood panel

42.5 x 29.5cm


Ethan in the Lobby

Oil on wood panel

53 x 45cm