With Olivia Paterson

She is the London Director of ALMA ZEVI, a gallery which has spaces in Venice, Celerina in Switzerland and an office in London.


The gallery’s mission is to provide a dynamic platform for both international emerging and established artists.

February 2021


Image credit: Photo: Tereza Červeňová

Gymnopédies 07.jpg

'Gymnopédies 07' 

Qian Jiang


"I’m very drawn to Qian Jiang’s work piece Gymnopedies 07. I find her photographs enigmatic and full of tension whilst remaining exceptionally beautiful. This piece in particular is a favourite. It is a complex take on the photographic portrait, playing with our ideas of scale, of intimacy and making us question the relationship between subject and photographer. The colour palette is delicate and considered, reminding me of two of my favourite photographers – Wolfgang Tillmans and Rinike Dijkstra."

'The Muses' 

Miranda Forrester

"Miranda Forrester’s Muses riles against the historical theme of the reclining nude woman so prevalent in History of Art (or at least the version I was taught many years ago which was predominately that of white male artists!) What’s so fascinating about this painting is not just the introduction of new figures to the conversation ( in this case, women of colour understood through the queer black female gaze) but also that the canvas itself has undergone a transformation; what was once solid and unyielding is now light and transparent. "

themuses .png


Eusebio Sanchez

"I am a huge fan of ceramics and have added a few pieces by young artists to my collection over the past couple of years. This piece by Eusebio Sanchez is divine! I love how he subverts the traditional structure of a coil pot, by adding in these cactus-like appenditures and a psychodelic yellow glaze. His work reminds me of Ken Price, the Los Angeles-based artist who died in 2012."


Hannah Tilson

"I worked on an exhibition at ALMA ZEVI in Venice last year which included Joe Tilson,  one of the founder members of the British Pop Art movement. It was through Joe’s work that I came across Hannah, his granddaughter, and was blown away by her work! The painting JPG is one such piece – it’s a complex and sophisticated composition which does have a uniquely ‘Pop’ feel to it…I love the ambiguity; is it a hand holding a compact mirror, or is it a reflected pair of lips?"

Hannah Tilson JPG.jpg
Copy of DSC_0032.jpg

'Stack VII'

Angus Ogilvie

"I came across Angus’ work via his brilliant Isolation Interview on the SEAM website, and was immediately interested to see he is British but working in Italy (like me!) His work speaks for itself; beautiful and mysterious sculpture which reflects the world around him. Stack VII is one such piece; there is a poetic tension in the stacked elements and the way that space and shadow are navigated."