Adding sculpture by emerging artists to your home is a great way to elevate your art collection. We wanted to share a few ways we like to exhibit sculpture at home.

krvadrat bask 1.jpg

Where to exhibit sculpture at home:


Placing sculptures among your book case really breaks up the linear form. If you have the space why not also add some framed artworks to the bookcase too creating the same effect?


We find that large sculptures often look best outside, submerged in a flower bed, set against a wall, in an opening, or at the end of a walkway.
Alternatively they work well when exhibited in a stairwell, an entrance hall or at the end of a dining room table for maximum impact. If you are interested why not commission a bespoke artwork by one of our emerging artists?


The plinth can be at any height and allows the sculpture to be brought up to eye level. It is a great way to give the sculpture its own secure space in your home. 

The only downside is it does take up more floor space.

The plinths can come in any colour and material to match your interiors.

We can help you find the right plinth for your work. Get in touch to find out the best way to exhibit your new sculptures.


These sculptures can be exhibited by themselves in the home and can stand directly on the floor. Browse work by Bask, Dominic McHenry and Angus Ogilvie for large free-standing upright sculptures by these emerging artists.


Small sculptures work well when placed on coffee tables, on side tables or on top of a pile of books on the coffee table. Why not experiment with a mini plinth to elevate the sculpture off the table?


Our favourite way to display small sculptures in the home is the in house designed SEAM Wall Sconce, part of our new series SEAM Solution's.

It is a modern take on the traditional wall sconce and is ideal for exhibiting small sculptures.


Using the Wall Sconce allows you to place the sculpture in an optimum place to get the best light from what light fittings you already have. These can be hung on the wall under a floor map, with a picture light above, a spotlight from the ceiling directed at the sculpture or even with a light fitted specially to highlight your sculpture.


Depending on the sculpture sometimes you may want to shine the light at angle so you get amazing shadows on the wall behind.


  • Go bold and don’t be afraid of colour.

  • Play around with pairs. A pair of sculptures can frame a space or an entrance way beautifully.

  • Start by exploring lots of different mediums to educate your eye and see what you like.

  • Don't be afraid to touch the work, feel the texture of the material (with the artist's permission) and visit the artists’ studio to find out more.

  • SEAM offer a try before you buy service allowing you to experience an artwork in your own home which functions as a great service to make use of before committing to a new sculpture.
    Get in touch to find out more.

How to find the right sculpture for your home?

  • We encourage buying ceramics that show off a new technique of a traditional material.

  • Be adventurous with contemporary ceramics by emerging artists.

  • Collectors should always look for work that speaks to them personally and offers a window to another world.

  • Check out the unique ceramic tables and ceramic floors lamps by Irina Razmovksaya

  • Or browse the large ceramics pots by Krzysztof Strzelecki

  • Or the contemporary take on the traditional moon jars
    by Pam Su - these would work beautifully on the Wall Sconces.

Tips on buying contemporary ceramics?