With Minnie Kemp

Minnie Kemp is a London based artist and Interior Designer whose eight year career in hotel design with Firmdale has seen her working on international building projects from the ground up.

She has participated in a number of group shows exhibiting her heavily embroidered decorative pieces.

In 2020 Minnie Joined the LivingETC team as their Style columnists.

Kemp is a judge on the panel for the Design Style Awards 2021.

March 2021

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jungle krzysztof strzelecki white (2).jp
jungle krzysztof strzelecki white (1).jp


Krzysztof Strzelecki


"I’m a big fan of art that has a function and a purpose; just imagine this on a kitchen table with spring narcissus flowers, smelling oh so sweet, standing erect or Tulips hot red. The table would be wooden and the table cloth a rich bricky orange 100% linen."


Liliana A. Romero

"There is something really intriguing about this piece.  The perspective is wild and the feeling surreal, yet knowing it’s a lino print makes me feel all solid inside if you get my drift... just lovely."



Ines Suarez de Puga

"I would love to use these tiles on my kitchen splash back and paint the rest of the wood work in a lovely sludgy green; I might even ask Ines if she would pop me up some matching ceramic door handles to finish it off.

The finish is sensitive and gentle whilst being intricate and rich. They remind me of Nazca lines, melting ice and oak trees.'"

'Same As'

Billy Smith Morris

"This work makes me think of film sets, theatre, Jekyll and Hyde.  Including these in an interior space will allow you to tell your own story.  I think Billy Morris Smith is such a clever artist, I love his mosaic work but also his ceramic pots.  He seems to flip age old traditions on its head with some spicy results – can't wait to see what he will do next."

BS009-image (1).jpg
Torr VI, Burnt oak finished with wax, 19
Torr I, Burnt oak finished wiht wax, 195



"I love this organic burnt oak finish – to me this is organic yet very graphic – you would want to buy more than one and create a collection – this would look fantastic in an inside or outside space. They remind me of signposts on Mars."


Hannah Tilson


"For some reason the piece makes me feel happy every time I look at it.  What more could you ask from a painting."

Hannah Tilson, Untitled (Denim Bin Bag).