With Lizzie Dixey

Lizzie is the founder of The Art Register, an advisory service that sources pieces from emerging artists across the UK. Alongside working on bespoke projects for private clients, retail spaces and interior designers, the Art Register arranges art wedding lists for couples looking to start their new lives with a new collection.


With a professional background in the creative industries, and a keen eye for fresh talent, Lizzie has developed an extensive personal network of the country’s most exciting artists. She has worked across arts consultancy, design and advertising, and in 2009 she organised her first show at the Haunch of Venison Gallery, featuring works by Damien Hirst, Polly Morgan and Miles Aldridge in aid of the housing charity Shelter. 


The Art Register brings together Lizzie’s experience and passion to guide both first-time and discerning buyers through the art market, uncovering unique pieces that will transform their space.

May 2021

IMG_1478 (1).jpg
Liv holding breast.jpg

'Liv Holding Breast'

Evie O'Connor


"I’ve been a fan of Evie’s striking work for a while and love this direct, intimate portrait. The subject appears to be staring directly at and even through the viewer with an unflinching, powerful gaze. I am very much looking forward to her show at Taymour Grahne this spring."


Jack Penny

"There’s so much to engage with in this work. It is simultaneously raw and gentle, and the use of colour really adds to the drama of the piece; the stormy nature of the dark skies seem to hover forebodingly above the three figures. I love Jack’s mark making and varied use of surfaces including works on paper, canvas and cardboard - his paintings have been firmly on my wish list for some time!"

to be here to arrive_ewelina skowronska.

'to be here to arrive'

Ewelina Skowronska

"I was not familiar with Ewelina’s work before discovering her via Seam and love her subtle use of form and materials. The finish is sensitive and alluring and would make a wonderful addition to any collection."

'Untitled V'

Adam Waymouth

"I am consistently drawn to bright, impactful colour, and I love the dramatic use of it in this piece, and the intriguing suggestion of both figurative and abstract forms. The sense of movement which draws the eye upwards through the work is wonderful."

Untitled V cropped.jpg

'Heeralal Kumar - November 21st, 2019'

Rashmi Bidasaria

"I have found my clients are becoming increasingly adventurous in terms of the varied materials they are looking for for their collections. Rashmi’s work displays beautiful technique and craftsmanship and the delicate use of colour and suggestion of movement is stunning."