With Leslie Ramos

Leslie is an art historian and a fundraising and development consultant for the arts sector.


In 2019 she founded ArtEater, an independent philanthropy agency for the arts, managing projects for institutions, artists and philanthropists. Prior to founding ArtEater, she worked at the Royal Academy of Arts,  Christie’s auction house, The Art Newspaper, the Teatro La Fenice, and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

In addition to her work with several private individuals and philanthropic foundations, Leslie is the international strategy and development advisor for the Maeght Foundation, and sits on the strategic advisory board at Delfina Foundation.

Leslie is currently doing a PhD in Latin American Art and she frequently lectures in contemporary art, Latin American art, and museum studies and strategy.

April 2021


'Yellow, Red, Moon Jar'

Pam Su


"Moon jars are exquisite objects of desire. I really love Pam Su’s take on this traditional object and the striking combination of colours and textures resulting from the glazing. As part of this process, the hand of the artist can only go a certain length, forced to leave the rest to natural chemical reactions, making creation itself unruly, and unexpected."


Jessica Jane Charleston

"I was very attracted to this delicate work on paper by Jessica Jane Charleston. There’s a surrealist flare and a subtle but powerful use of colour that makes this work stand out and gives the tender scene depicted a sense of intimacy and scale."

Motherbird_Jessica Jane Charleston_2021_

'Yunomi Cups'

Ines Suarez de Puga

"Sometimes the smallest of objects can have the biggest impact. I am absolutely in love with these porcelain cups by Ines Suarez de Puga.

There’s something very warm and comforting about them and I can easily see them becoming a beloved object of everyday use. The only question is, how many can I fit in the cupboard?"

'They Match the Fruit Mentos in my Bag'

Dan Jamieson

"There’s something very lush and peaceful about these watercolours by Dan Jamieson. As a flower and garden fan, I really enjoy works that can place nature in a domestic context and give me a sense of longing for the outdoors. I love the how the blue permeates most of the image with subtle hints of yellows and greens throughout, as in trying to very delicately capture the viewers’ attention."

They Match The Fruit Mentos In My Bag. e
Proto Chub Vase III_02.jpg

'Proto Chubb Vase III'

Tessa Silva

"I cannot resist a vase. I am obsessed with any sort of container that will allow me to add flowers to it. This particular one by Tessa Silva is so stunning on its own that I’m not sure I’d place anything else with it, but perhaps have it as a standalone sculpture or centrepiece on a shelf or dining table. Its roundness, and imperfect forms give this work a very feminine and elegant touch, without altering its sturdiness."