With Cassie Beadle

Cassie Beadle is creative director at Cob Gallery, London and an independent curator.

Beadle joined Cob in 2011 after graduating from The Courtauld Instritue of Art where she specialised in 20th Century Performance Art. Cob was founded on the principle of supporting London based artists at the early stages of their artistic career - championing the exceptional UK art schools.

Cob has now evolved to showcase work from emerging artists in the UK and internationally, presenting a blend of debut solo and group exhibitions as well as supporting accompanying artistic projects and publications. The programme at Cob focusses predominantly on female identifying artists, as well as distinct voices in traditional mediums such as painting and drawing.   

June 2021

VIP Lounge.jpg

'VIP Lounge'

Kirsty Lackie


"I am really drawn to Kirtsy Lackie’s beautiful aesthetic - in particular her oil pastels on paper. I am a huge advocator of works on paper, and find them to be seriously undervalued. They carry such sensitivity. This medium lends itself to the intimacy in Lackie’s subject matter - small yet absurd scenes. The hazy surface texture created by her use of oil pastel heightens the surreal and bolsters a dreamlike quality."

'I'm Black Woman' 

Liliana A. Romero

"I am compelled by Liliana A. Romero’s striking works and her exceptional handling of variety of analogue printing techniques. It goes without saying that these printing techniques and the concept of the multiple lend itself to Romero’s socio political incentive.

The work is charged with a potency and power, and perhaps the laborious printing techniques Romero engages with heightens this.


Meanwhile, the immediacy of colour composition ignites a sort of 'call to action' to celebrate black womanhood. Whilst I was seriously drawn to Romero’s exceptional linocut - I love the composition, colour and format of the screen print ‘I’m Black Woman’. I was intrigued to learn of the narrow paper that recalls a particular style of Colombian advertising."



Dominic McHenry

"These works by Dominic Mchenry are beautifully conceived. I love the contrast of the elemental in materials and the artists hand as intervention - McHenry’s mastery at wood carving really probes and manipulates this space. I also like the tension created between the decorative object and fine art sculpture. Perhaps there is something to be said about his duplication of abstract shape at a large scale that creates a dialogue with natural cellular order at a microscopic level.."

'Sara Reclining'

Miranda Forrester

"Miranda Forrester’s conceptual exploration is vital and beautifully executed. Her muted palette creates a false sense of security - as on closer inspection we realise that this deliberate eradication of colour and application of transparent layers to depict the female body seeks to confront the lack of representation of black women in the history of art as well the western world’s fetishisation of their identity. Artistic investigations into the reclaiming of the female body back from the male artist's gaze is something I explore in many of the exhibitions I curate."

Sara reclining.jpeg

'White Red'

Pam Su

"I love Pam Su’s expressive ceramic practice, they read somewhere between painting and sculpture. There is something deeply satisfying about a wall mounted ceramic for me.  Specifically, I love the dialogue Su’ s works have with abstract expressionist painting - the unpredictability of the behaviour of the glazes parallel the unconscious mark making that many of the artists of this era experimented with. Su’s application of colour and material collide in a magical ‘left to chance’ way."