B. 1999

Andy Williams is a recent graduate from Goldsmiths University, who primarily works in mosaic to build three dimensional sculptures.

"I am a sculptor and mosaicist interested in the use of mosaic as a way of building form and interacting with 3-dimensional space. With an emphasis on the sensory experience of repetition and an aversion to image-creation, my work often materialises in obsessively constructed monochromatic forms that reference, but ultimately deny, domestic functionality through banal acts of their own distortion or destruction.

Contextualised by the historic destruction of mosaics by iconoclastic movements, the medium presents me with a framework with which to consider contemporary object-making (and breaking) as well as an outlet for sculptural expression and material exploration." - Andy Williams


Trip Hazard

Ceramic mosaic on plaster and MDF
80 x 80 x 10cm


Ceramic mosaic on plaster and plywood
150 x 240 x 30cm


Isotope i (lovers)

Hand-tufted Axminster rug
65 x 65cm