SEAM’s inception was inspired through a desire to support and promote the work of talented emerging artists and makers. A clear lack of opportunity and vital support for these creatives, coupled with a difficulty for art enthusiasts and collectors to access them encouraged us to create a curated online space in which to showcase their work.


At Seam we identify exceptional emerging artistic talent, introducing their portfolios online and in-person. We invite you to visit the artists’ studios with us, build a relationship with our artists and experience the artwork in situ before adding it to your collection. 


All our artists have original artworks for sale through SEAM, with pieces under a thousand pounds available to buy directly through the site. We work with brands offering collaborations with our artists. We also assist in the curation of interiors, from homes to hotels and retail spaces. 



We source talented young emerging artists in the UK, giving collectors a chance

to follow an artists' work from the beginning of their career.



We can organise framing for you before delivery and assist with installation.



We offer private studio visits if there is a particular artist you would like to meet.

Get in touch for more information.



We offer short and long-term art rental for photoshoots,

interior staging, offices and residential projects.



You can view the art in your own home before you decide to add it to your collection. 

This service is currently only available within London. 



All our artists welcome commissions both public and private.



We welcome collaborations, from designing a collection to exhibition curation.


India Dickinson


India has over seven years experience as an artist agent. She studied Visual Culture at Goldsmiths and went on to study Art Business at Sotheby’s. She  ran India Dickinson Gallery for five years, hosting pop-up exhibitions, curating immersive installations, organising collaborations with galleries, and selling the work of emerging artists. India founded SEAM Agency as an alternative to the contemporary gallery model, with the intention of helping artists expand their work beyond the gallery walls and connect to a new generation of collectors.

Rufus Besterman


Rufus studied History of Art at SOAS specialising in Asian Art. Having worked as a curator at the Grosvenor Gallery in Mayfair he then worked as a business development consultant and events organiser at Global Heritage Fund, an international conservancy based in California. Through his work with GHF and his background in Art History, Rufus has gained an intimate knowledge of artists and makers from a variety of different disciplines. 

Silvy Pilkington


Silvy has worked in design and event production for a number of years. Commissioning and personally developing bespoke design solutions has given her a thorough and detailed perspective of the recent artisan rebirth. From project management to set and interior design she has worked to help reinvigorate this crucial element of the creative landscape. As a maker herself, she also offers an insight into the artistic process. 

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