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SEAM is a curated online space dedicated to promoting the work of exceptional artists and makers, designed in response to the difficulties emerging creatives face when trying to present their practice to a wide audience. Coupled with a shortage of affordable studio space, the clear lack of opportunity and support available to skilled artists and artisans means that it has never been more difficult for them to make a living from selling their work. Collectors and enthusiasts, too, are often frustrated by the limited opportunities available for discovering new talent, finding little means of doing so outside of the traditional gallery system. As such, it seemed obvious to us that someone needed to come up with a new way of exhibiting that would work to the advantage of both groups. 


Our answer was SEAM, an easily navigable platform that allows some of the most promising new artists and makers working in Britain today to show their work as they would like it to be seen. We handle a broad range of services, from seeking out the best in new art and craftsmanship to exhibiting its creators’ portfolios online and arranging studio visits. We can also offer interior decoration services, helping to curate unique spaces in homes, hotels and retail outlets; and collaborations with brands, allowing them to work with our artists and create striking and memorable campaigns. 

All artists showing through SEAM have original works available for sale through our platform, with pieces under £1000 available to buy directly through the store. Above all, we aim to make it easier and more interesting for potential collectors to invest in the work of the great artists of tomorrow, and work to build relationships that amount to more than basic financial transactions. Underlying all of this, however, is the fact that SEAM offers a new framework for presenting and selling art and craft that works to the advantage of all involved. Whether you're interested in painting, sculpture, craft, or simply looking to decorate your home, we hope you'll enjoy browsing.



All of our artists welcome commissions, whether public or private.


We are open to collaborations, from setting up projects between our artists and appropriate brands to helping to build collections and curating exhibitions.


We offer short and long-term art rental for photoshoots and interior staging in offices and private residences alike.


Should you wish to meet a particular artist showing through SEAM, we would be more than happy to arrange a personal studio visit.


If you're interested in acquiring a particular work but aren't quite sure whether it would fit in with the rest of your collection, we will gladly arrange to transport the piece to your home so that you can see it in situ before making the final decision.


However, we are sorry to say that for practical reasons, this service is currently unavailable outside of London.


We have partnered with OWN ART to make buying art easier and more affordable.


Own Art is a national initiative that provides interest-free loans to be used to purchase original artworks.


Once you've made the final decision to buy a work by one of our artists, we will be available to organise framing for you prior to delivery, and can assist with the installation of works.


We offer these services with the full collaboration of our artists.


India Dickinson

India has more than seven years’ experience working as an agent for artists. She studied Visual Culture at Goldsmith’s before going on to take the highly respected course in Art Business at Sotheby’s. In 2014, she established the India Dickinson Gallery, an unconventional forum for showing art that specialised in pop-up exhibitions, curating immersive installations, organising collaborations with established galleries and selling the work of a tightly curated roster of emerging artists. India established SEAM as an alternative to the contemporary art gallery model, with the intention of helping artists to connect with potential collectors and allowing them to present their work in a way that more traditional forms of exhibiting did not allow. 


Silvy Pilkington

Silvy has worked on numerous design and event production projects over the course of the past decade, commissioning and personally developing bespoke design solutions. This wealth of experience has given her a thorough and detailed perspective of working with craftspeople and designers, and an insider understanding of the rebirth of artisan practice in the UK. Silvy has worked on everything from project management to set and interior design, helping to reinvigorate a more personal, handmade approach to design and craftsmanship. Her personal experience of designing and making gives her first-hand insight into the artistic process.